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American dating european man

Romantic love is by its nature delusional, brief, a madness; married love is pragmatic, enduring, sane.

We Americans hope that one will grow into the other.

If they are in fact open, we really don't want to know about it.

Perhaps we are witnessing here different ideals of the relations between the sexes rather than two different systems.

There is little doubt that this chemistry is impervious to the pollution of outside elements. But I am sure that it is precious and irreplaceable.

I have had one such relationship in my life, for nearly two decades.

It has outlasted two of my three marriages and many of my friendship.

For me, sex and love are not very easily separable.

Romping recreational sex always seems like a lesser pleasure than great—if angst-filled—romantic love.

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Americans believe in perfect, bonded romantic love that lasts; Europeans do not.

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