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Yes she is on the pill but some have fell prgnant on the pill so its a bit of a head mess If you two aren't planning to start a family and she prefers bareback I sincerely suggest she starts using other methods of contraception.The thought of me getting pregnant swinging scared me enough to go back on the pill despite the fact I ALWAYS use condoms during meets.The most popular of our sex contacts pages are definitely our city directories.

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I think its about being carful as to be placed into a situation where you have to consider a termination or what not. Yes she is on the pill but some have fell prgnant on the pill so its a bit of a head mess "As Soapy said you both need to sit down and re-evaluate the way things are going you are obviously concerned otherwise you would have not posted this.

It is a heartbreaking decision for any person to have to make. It is not just pregnancy that you need to think about it is also the chance of STD, I would love to go bareback as most peeps would but it' not worth it to us.

Its teh heat of the moment thing where i want my misses to get out of swinging as much as she can but after wards i say to myself WTF" im going to be honest with you and i hope i dont offend, but if you would sooner her use condoms i would tell her either she uses them or you stop meeting I do not feel thats you stating the rules but at the end of the day if she catches something shes going to pass it onto you and you have a rights to a say in your own health Or what you could do is tell her if she carries on having unprotected sex with others you feel you have to insist you use condoms witn her the fact that you feel the need to ask this question beggars belief, for everyone involved you shouldnt be playing with fire, it can and does happen people falling pregnant whilst swinging.

safe sex isnt just about babies either its about std's too If your having any issues at all any negatives thoughts you really shoulnt be playing full stop. You think pregnancy would be their only worry playing bareback?

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