Dating a broke guy

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Dating a broke guy

While several said no-- right off the bat, most had a few caveats they'd consider."Broke as in no job and no prospects? If he likes what he does or had success in the past those are also good signs."Related: 4 Biggest Mistakes Men Make in Bed Allison of Florida married her broke guy and says, "it paid off" when he moved up the corporate ladder and found success a few years after they married. "Maybe he's finally pursuing something he loves--it's invigorating for him and sexy to watch."How can you tell if the guy's a dreamer or a deadbeat before you get in too deep?So she would friendzone you in other not to lose you completely.At least there is something you are good at and she will keep your friendship because of that. She won’t feel Loved: Since traditionally men are the ones that pay for dates, it is impossible then to prove your love when there is no shi shi. How can you take her out on a date or buy her gifts?To be honest, most of what we have heard about relationship are unfounded.Nobody will love you for who you are when you don’t have shi shi. Even the independent ladies who don’t want your money will want someone who’s settled in their life.How can you say you love her when she cannot rely on you when she is broke? You will be dumped: Not because she doesn’t love you but because You are not the right material for a woman who has marriage and raising a family in her agenda. I know that all people deserve to be loved no matter who or what they are but money is very important in every relationship so I think a man that cannot afford to date needs to wait.

Don’t tell me he needs a woman’s support because a good female friend supports one more than his girlfriend. She may not tell you about it because she wouldn’t want to hurt you so you end up being cheated on. You will be Friendszoned : She likes you but cannot continue to date you because you cannot take care of her needs.

She wants the best for you cos she sees you in her future, a girl can date a broke guy but no girl will intentionally marry a broke man.

I love my broke boyfriend because firstly am not dating him for financial reason and 2ndly because I see a bright future in him, but one thing remain, I can't marry him if he continues being broke.

For them, finding a partner is about finding someone who fits into their lifestyle and plans for the future. Below are the reasons why broke guys should forget dating for now. You are not ready for it: You may want it but honestly you don’t need it. You need to re-prioritize your life and get busy with something. You Ego will be Bruised : Money does matter in our society, way too much.

Anybody who is having some major financial struggles needs to be focused on getting that together, not dating. A person’s ability to eat and look good and get medicine in time of need and take care of your woman are the things that makes one a man.

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But in this economy, it's much more likely that your new man's as broke as a joke--and maybe even unemployed. Or can you find a way to successfully date on an empty wallet? We asked our Facebook and Twitter friends if they'd hook up with a hottie who was hurting for cash. Broke as in paid all his bills and he's got $20 for the week for gas? "If he buys the movie tickets or drinks, it shows he's confident he won't starve and he enjoys having enough to treat someone he likes.