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Infinite l dating

She became famous (or infamous) for eating everything from ramyeon to bossam with chocolate on tv N’s Martian Virus. The K-Pop world is filled with couples, both confirmed and rumors, what with T-ara‘s Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ji Ahn confirming their relationships, Jung Kyung Ho revealing that he’s dating a non-celebrity, and Sulli and Choiza caught up in a whirlwind of rumors.Idol posted two pictures with captions assuring fans he’s not dating.You’ve probably heard by now, but Kim Myung Soo is coming to Singapore next month for a fan meet. ”, you might know him better as L, a member of Infinite.The two were enjoying their time together in a cafe.Male in the photo was wearing a similar sweater as Dongwoo was previously seen wearing.The 25-year-old will be dropping by for a fan meeting with his Singapore fans.The idol-actor, who is now acting in , revealed recently that he now wanted to be known as “Kim Myung Soo” (his birth name), as he wanted to fans to forget his image as an idol while watching the drama.

Photos used in these secrets are not being claimed by anyone.

In September, messages between the couple and rumors of couple bracelets were circulated among fans.

At that point Woollim denied the rumors saying the two were just friends.

As for Nam Woohyun one of his fans sent a private message to the girl he was seen with on Instagram.

The girl responded that she was a friend of his friend and has no relation to Nam Woohyun whatsoever and that they all met there by an accident.

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Followed by T-ara Soyeon-Oh Jong Hyuk Couple and f(x) Sulli-Choiza Couple. There were rumors that the couple got into a fight recently because L (Kim Myungsoo) took a picture with Master’s Sun co-star, Han Boreum; which Han Boreum uploaded it in her twitter. Infinite L Han Bo reum " data-medium-file=" w=170" data-large-file=" w=584" srcset=", w=85 85w, w=170 170w" sizes="(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px" / A supposedly eonni (언니) friend of Kim Do-yeon tweeted ” I want to cut the fur off of the tail of Boreum. ” and “Because of Boreum, my close dongseng is in a crisis with her boyfriend.