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After one such evening, Bobby follows Terry back to her room, only to have her sneak up behind him and surprise him.Terry gently admonishes Bobby for spying on her but it is clear that they have a mutual attraction.After yet another evening out with his friends, Bobby returns home to find an upset Terry, who had earlier discovered her on-and-off-again boyfriend cheating on her.Terry later heads to the pool for her regular swim.Despite Terry's attempts to keep their relationship casual, Bobby has developed serious feelings for Terry and resists her insistence that the affair end once he takes his exam. Chrystal, who himself lusts for Terry, sees his son and Terry kissing one night.

Terry tells him matter-of-factly that she will never forget him. Bobby leaps into the air, looking forward to the future.

Harvey (seen above looking on from the Mets dugout on Tuesday during their game against the San Francisco Giants at Citi Field) was suspended by the team for his failure to show up at a game on Saturday The pitcher admitted to partying until the early morning hours of Saturday in a press conference on Tuesday, apologizing to his teammates and the public.

Just a few hours later, he was back in the dugout with his team, hiding his face from the fans behind a blue team hoodie.'First off, as I just did with my teammates and all the coaches, I apologized for my actions and I do apologize for my actions,' said the laconic pitcher.'Obviously I'm extremely embarrassed by my actions.'He then said: 'Yes, I was out on Friday night, past curfew.

At first, Bobby's main goal for the summer before college appears to be losing his virginity, if not with his unrequited high school crush, Bonnie (Amber Denyse Austin) who dates a college student, then with any takers.

Soon, though, the poor results of the French final are in, and Bobby must take a make-up examination and score at least 85% in order to retain his acceptance at his wealthy lawyer father's alma mater, Yale University. Chrystal (Kevin Mc Carthy) hires Terry, a skilled French tutor, to live in the Chrystal home during the summer and work with Bobby on passing his exam. Chrystal offers to give Terry a bonus payment of ,000 should Bobby pass.

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