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You can buy things in the catalog (not real money, your character earns something called tix/robux that you use to buy other things.) And there is one more thing, ROBLOX players can put anything on their game.You have something called decals that you can paint on walls or your house or anything.If you think the content is inappropriate YOU fill out the message moderators will recieve. TIP 4: If you want to know when your child is online or not make their password something only you know.They COULD possibly set up an alternate account, if you see them playing Roblox after they didn't ask you to log them in means something might be fishy.You can make many friends, and if you have any questions, go to the forum, and ask it.Users respond almost immediately and will help you with your problems.In any Roblox game there should be a blue chat bubble to the left of your screen in which you can click and select a chat message.You can go ahead and check out what those messages are by playing a game using a guest account.

Often times children will report perfectly safe things and get in trouble for it. It should be red with an exclamation mark in front or behind it.To make sure your child is on a twelve and under account you can go to the top of your home screen on a personal account and click the account button.There you should find an option to change your date of birth, ALWAYS make sure your child is using the correct date of birth. Be aware that private messages are NOT moderated and it is up to your child to be honest and report inappropriate content to moderators (I will touch on reporting abuses later).ALWAYS tell your child to click the log out button, sometimes you don't have to log into roblox if you have been on recently (if you have been offline for around a week you will have to log in again).However by pressing the log out button you can make sure the next time your child decides to play Roblox you will have to enter their username and password.

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I don't know why I play roblox but I guess I wanted to try it out. You can even give out where you live in the SAFE chat. I don't think I'm going to stick to roblox. You can go onto games and fight or play minigames or anything.