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Ren py dating sim

Due to the possiblity of there being future articles of Ren'Py, this page has been created.For other handy Development Articles, check out the right-hand column.Ren'Py 101: Releasing Your Game Part II Changing the icon, and making a windows installer.

Ren'Py 101: Writing Your Script Part I About labels, save game title, menus, and jumps and passes.Now I´m doing a new videogame with Ren´py called "Pact with a witch". Here you can take a look at it: https:// Thanks for your comment!Since I’ve started to branch out and make a web based / mobile game, this page now includes two sections.Desktop, download games that work on Mac, PC and Linux: Coffee Shop Encounter, a seven week lesbian themed dating sim. The Princess of Persia, a very early work in progress.Features two women in a few scenes and some animation. The Handyman’s Wish, a short, one afternoon encounter with the same model as Steve in Superspy Steve. Superspy Steve, a 28 day dating sim / adult RPG is my longest, with five characters to meet, over a dozen animations and five unique endings. The initial playable demo and first lesbian animation is available to supporters on Patreon. Tools and technology used For mobile / web based games, I have tried a number of platforms, engines, tools, scripts and more. Only one has been able to do most of what I want, (with a few things I need to learn), and that’s VN-Canvas, an HTML5 visual novel framework in Java Script and HTML5.

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If you have any questions not covered in these articles, your best bet is to ask Py Tom, the creator of Ren'Py, himself at the Official Ren'Py Thread at Lemma Soft Forum.

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