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And indeed we did, even if only one brigadier, TO1..., comrade Möller could stay for the whole clip—TO1..., comrade Wurm, only made it for an extended week-end while TO1..., comrade Huber, was locked down back home due to yet another upper-echelon-notion at his newspaper.

We found this poor creature in the men's room of Rotterdam's Cinerama right after a screening of some serious Brazilian smut-fest, Jean Garret's (1986). Could he have contemplated the programmers' collective nastiness which made them select a film in which, as we were told, a donkey gets slaughtered en detail and for an extended period of running time?

For Peter von Bagh this was more than just a dream come true: This was personal.

During an introduction to his (2010), our guiding light mentioned that he'd promised this maybe most gifted, certainly most troubled of all Finnish 60s auteurs two things on his death bed: 1.

More than Cowboys, Naked Virgins, Werewolves and Vampires?

Leon Klimovsky Transatlantic Exploitation Cinema Andy Willis IIII. Snuff: Dirty Rumors, Dirty War Jon Beasley-Murray 10.

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‘La ley me las pasó por mis huevos’: Isela Vega and Mexican Dirty Movies Sergio de la Mora Epilogue: Circulation of Exploitation in Ecuador Gabriela Aleman This series is our home for innovative research in the field of film studies.