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All of which makes him a man who really knows what it takes the scare the living daylights out of an audience.

One of the first rockers to realise that there was success to be had combining on-stage shock tactics and OTT theatrics with straightforward rock and roll, Cooper blazed a trail that many were to follow - apparently the first record Rob Zombie bought was by Alice Cooper.

Their sound, however, is sort of heavenly – a hyper-melodic, pop-tinged take on vintage metal. In the late ‘90s, Marilyn Manson became a synonym for controversy thanks to his outrageous stage persona and knack for disturbing imagery.

That’s a whole other level of creepy, not to mention a unique selling point that has helped Insane Clown Posse shift millions of records and amass a hardcore following known as Juggalos.

There are plenty of bands out there that look like they’re living Halloween every night of the year, but few of them have a front man as delightfully creepy as Mortiis.

With his pointy ears and orc-like mask, Håvard Ellefsen looks like a bad guy from The Lord Of The Rings. Like their sometime-rivals Slipknot, Mushroomhead know the value of strapping a creepy face-piece over band member’s faces, while even the members without masks are adept at turning their faces into masks of terror.

The latter-day line-up retains the image but with a more straight-up metal assault.

It's that time of the year: Creepy crawly spiders are adorning front porches, makeshift graveyards inhabit front lawns, and jack-o-lanterns light up the night sky.

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Bruno Mars reminisces about his electric tribute to Prince at the 59th GRAMMY Awards in 2017, a moment he pulled off with uncanny aplomb.

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