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Sex dating in jingo kansas

Kansas Singles could not guarantee that it had someone of a specified height or weight, age or education level, occupation or income, according to the contract.

The contract even said the company “makes no representations or warranties of any kind” that anyone in its membership available for a match would be of the sex that the customer requested.

In one photo crossover, Lisa’s testimonial on Kansas Singles accompanies the same photo of a couple that adorns Lois’ testimonial on Arkansas Singles.

A search on Google Images showed that each of the photos checked on Brotherton Holding’s singles sites were stock images widely used online.

Nichols said complaints filed this year with the Missouri attorney general’s office relating to an affiliated service in that state have been “amicably resolved.” Finally, Nichols said Kansas Singles stands by a letter submitted by Dawn Bradford of Kansas Singles when O’Neill had told his credit card company to block the substantial payment. She still worked, but he had retired from teaching at Jackson State University in Jackson, Miss. “I flew to KC to meet a woman with the face of an angel and the body of a goddess. O’Neill said he isn’t sure how he connected first with Kansas Singles. Kansas Singles is part of a sprawling network of similar services in several states, including Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Idaho and New Mexico.

Except that it is the same photo that appears atop the company’s Idaho Singles site.The 81-year-old retired professor of psychology wanted to meet “highly educated, spiritually-oriented single women in professional occupations.” He’d also asked to meet women with a “cheerleader physique,” inasmuch as he stays fit through regular exercise.The Leawood manager, O’Neill said, even told him she had the first referral in mind, a personal friend and client, a beautiful, blond professional.Both law enforcement officials acknowledge they’ve received other complaints about “The consistent complaint was that the consumer did not feel like they were getting what they bargained for,” said Stephen Howe, Johnson County district attorney. The type of person they were requesting was not the type they received on their matches.” An emailed statement from Kansas Singles spokesman Rich Nichols said the company has responded to Howe’s office about O’Neill’s complaint and “looks forward to an amicable resolution to the dispute.” Nichols said the company similarly responded to Howe’s office about three other complaints. ” O’Neill had written in a poem while courting Sherrill, part of which appeared in her obituary in The Star.

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Paul O’Neill lost his love to cancer in May and said he lost $5,095 to a high-priced matchmaking service two months later.

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