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The site also offers suggestions for activism.)(This bi-lingual [English/French] Canadian site "provides a snapshot of the issues around the media's portrayal of women and girls -- from effects on body image and self-identity to ramifications in sports and politics.

It looks at the economic interests behind the objectification and eroticization of females by the media as well as efforts to counter negative stereotyping." Also included on the site are sections dealing with men and masculinity and resources for parents and for teachers.

Topics include how to know who you are, what it means to be gay, coming out, problems at home or school, someone to talk to, safe sex, feeling good about religion, and more resources. slavery." The project's aim is "to create Jewish, Christian, and Muslim sexual ethics focusing on meaningful consent and mutuality." The site offers original essays, bibliographies, literature reviews, links to related sites, and more (Resource-rich site whose content focuses primarily on lesbians of color but also includes attention to non-lesbian-identified women of color.

It includes recommended readings and links for such topics as agency, body check, cyberfeminisms, the cyborg, mediated identities, next sex, technologies of gender, and trans/gender utopias.) (Prof.

Separate sections deal with laws in employment, housing, public accommodations, credit, and state employees.

A separate map exists for Equality Policies state by state, including sexual orientation and gender identity.

It offers gay/lesbian-focused news, features, chat and message boards, a historical calendar, and annotated links to other gay and lesbian resources.) (Sociologist Natalie J.

Sokoloff has compiled this extensive bibliography of print resources dealing with multicultural domestic violence.

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(Information on women in Great Britain, including Black, ethnic minority, immigrant, migrant, and refugee women, who have suffered rape, racist sexual assault, or other forms of violence and harassment.

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