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Updating links in excel2016

Excel 2007 added the IFERROR() function, which combines the IF() and ISERROR() functions.

The new IFNA() function works similarly by returning a value you specify if your formula returns the #N/A error.

That means you can put your live portfolio tracker Excel file in One Drive or Drop Box and access it from any computer, even ones that don't have Office.

And unlike other stock-tracking Excel add-ins, Stock Connector does not pose a security risk because the code runs in an isolated web process.

You can often get the same results using IFERROR(), but that function evaluates all error values.

In contrast, IFNA() considers only the #N/A error, which allows you to narrow things down.

In MS Access 2003 you can make changes to the spreadsheet from within Access. Access to Excel will create a linked table to the spreadsheet.Figure B shows a row of VLOOKUP() functions that return #N/A when the lookup value doesn't exist.This function can return several error values; using IFNA(), you can match the #N/A error to an invalid lookup value.Then those values are updated automatically throughout the trading day at an interval you specify, as quickly as once every 5 seconds.The app is intended for creating a variety of portfolio-tracking spreadsheets or more complex stock-management and finance tools in Excel.

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For instance, if the current workbook contains five visible sheets, one chart sheet, and two very hidden sheets, this function would return 8: Excel's new SHEET() function returns the sheet number of the referenced (by name) sheet.

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