Updating lucene index Video chat com brazil

Posted by / 22-Oct-2017 23:04

Updating lucene index

Suggested command would be update-lucene-index because we already have update-discovery-index.The old commands would be removed to avoid confusion and call attention to the fact that the default indexing backend changed.

We have also optimized primary key lookups and the buffering of deletes and updates quite a bit over time, with issues like LUCENE-6161, LUCENE-2897, LUCENE-2680, LUCENE-3342.Suggested command would be called update-lucene-index because we already have update-discovery-index.This option is based on the assumption that most people are still using the Lucene backend and are ignorant of Solr and its associated command. This is a convenience option for those who are still using Lucene to make the transition to Solr seamless.There are numerous locks, not just 's monitor lock, but also many other internal classes, that make it easy to accidentally trigger a deadlock today. The original change also led to some cryptic test failures thanks to our extensive randomized tests, which we are working through for 7.0.That complex concurrency unfortunately prevented me from making the final step of deletes and updates fully concurent: writing the new segment files.

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So you gain as much concurrency as indexing threads you are sending through .