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File Areas can be categorized, hidden, included on any Page, or displayed in a special content box on the side of your site.

Files can be attached to bulk emails you send through the Contact Manager.

Apache Struts has recently reorganized our codebase into multiple subprojects, two of which, Shale and Action, represent two separate but equal web frameworks.

Struts Shale serves the nascent JSF community, while Struts Action serves the established JSP community.

We BWor K is an online homework delivery system primarily used for mathematics and science.

The ontact Module, which automatically creates a contact us form for you, and saves all respondants into the website's database for use by the contact manager (see below) or to export to a spreadsheet. Couple that with what we consider to be the most personal and responsive customer service in the business, and you can get working with Montague Web Works today and be done tomorrow.The Module also piggy backs onto the Calendar Module, allowing you to set up meeting Agendas and Minutes, with file attachments and motions.The workflow conforms to the Attorney General's new guidelines for Open Government machine readable agendas and minutes, required starting January 17, 2017.Using pre-made templates designed by world-class graphic designers, Montague Web Works can turn a new website around in days, not weeks or months. As many ews Module allows you to add weekly or monthly alerts / news items / newsletters to the website. News posts can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and be bulk-emailed to everyone in your Contact Manager or any Dynamic Forms you created (see below). News posts can be displayed in a special content box on the side of your site, linked to the full article.You will be up and running in no time, and making changes to your website whenever you want. The Calendar Module enables you to post all your events in a calendar-like layout.

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Calendar events support Pay Pal for ticket purchases, and can be linked to a Dynamic Form if you need people to sign up.